Cryptocurrencies are facing an explosive growth in 2021, but the overall digital economy is still in its early stages of development.
Mars Energy will grasp the latest trends, dominate new business opportunities and ensure the stable and safe development of the crypto markets.

Gathering data

Reshaping the crypto markets

Transforming finance

Using blockchain technology, artificial intelligence,big data and 5G
to shape and improve the digital economy,thereby creating the economic
pillar and infrastructure of the future.

The Project of the Century - mCloud by Mars Energy
Establishing a consensus for global data storage. The newest opportunity in 2021: Cloud Storage

Connecting to the Digital Economy

A blockchain-based network aimed at creating
a global distributed storage system of data

Providing customers with safe and high-quality financial
services with the help of cutting-edge technologies

A global encrypted currency exchange, expanding
borders-free securities trading infrastructure

Stablecoin exclusively owned by Mars Exchange, directly
supported by RMB with the ratio of 1: 1, allowing users
to transfer assets quickly and at a low cost worldwide

Mars Energy Tokenization Model

Mars Coin is the only token powering the Mars Energy ecosystem,
and is used to maintain the stability of the whole ecology.Mars Coin can not only be
used as an asset to support all applications within the ecosystem, but can also be used as mining
rewards to promote the all-round development of the digital economy.

Mars Coin's applications will include

Mars Mining Machine mCloud

Customers and miners will use Mars Coin to trade to store data. After the transaction, the network will verify whether the miners have stored the data correctly. During the storage transaction, the user will regularly pay MC tokens to maintain the storage.

Mars Bank

Mars Coin will be used to pay for a series of financial services in the bank. Users can also pledge mainstream crypto tokens to obtain MC tokens.

Mars Exchange

On the exchange, users can use Mars Coin to pay trading fees and get discounts. The exchange will also cooperate with other companies to make MC tokens the exclusive payment methods on other platforms.

In the future, users will be able to use Mars Coin on Mars Exchange to purchase stocks on global exchanges such as Tesla, and enjoy fast transactions at a competitive rate.
With so many applications, Mars Coin will guarantee its liquidity and market competitiveness, and become the mainstream asset of Mars Energy's new economic system.