Landing Product

The landing plan of Mars Energy will open the contact port of digital economy for the world

A blockchain-based network aimed at creating a global distributed storage system of data

New Blockchain Technology | Unique Data Analysis and Quantitative Research | Advanced Encryption Methods

To ensure that data is safely stored on the chain, bringing unparalleled privacy protection to users

Providing customers with safe and high-quality financial services with the help of cutting-edge technologies

Privacy Protection | Network Security | Comprehensive Protection of Users' Transaction Records and Asset Security

To make good use of big data, analyze and adopt all emerging technologies to improve the customer experience

Wallet System | Mortgage | Currency Storage | Currency Deposit

Reducing costs and exploring new technologies to bring unlimited convenience to users

A global encrypted currency exchange, expanding borders-free securities trading infrastructure

Currency Trading | Legal Currency Trading | Digital Financial Management | Mining

To solve the restrictions on investment between countries, so that users can buy Tesla shares from exchanges, etc.

The exclusive stablecoin of Mars Exchange

Borderless | Low cost | Fast speed

The characteristics of transparency, stability, anonymity and flexibility will be directly supported by RMB at a 1: 1 ratio, and the holder can exchange the stablecoin into an equivalent amount of RMB at any time

The only token powering the entire Mars Energy ecosystem

Mars Coin is the exclusive asset of Mars Energy and the value token to maintain the stability of the entire ecology. The total circulation is 884.8 million, of which 530 million will be dug out in advance for platform pioneers to hold.

Mars Coin will have a powerful application scenario, which can not only be used as an asset to support all operations in the ecology, but also be used as mining revenue to promote the all-round development of the digital economy.

MARSCOIN Token Allocation


Mining will be the main way to obtain MC tokens, accounting for 60% of the total circulation. Users will obtain tokens through PoW algorithm while protecting security of the mCloud network system.

Everest Club Team

In order to fully maintain the ecological development of Mars energy, the tokens held by the team will be locked. The total lock quantity is 10%, and the locking time is 5 years. The first release will be made 30 days after listing with the first digital exchange.

Develop Landing Applications

The use of 20% tokens will help speed up the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements and enable users to enjoy more functions in the Mars capability ecosystem.

Establishment of the Satellite Development Fund

The establish is made to support SpaceX's Mars migration plan and launch satellites dedicated to Mars Energy into space in the future. Due to the high research cost of the space program, a special development fund is hereby set up, accounting for 10% of the total circulation.

Token landing application

Customers and miners will use Mars Coin to trade to store data. After the transaction, the network will verify whether the miners have stored the data correctly. During the storage transaction, the user will regularly pay MC tokens to maintain the storage.

Mars Coin can be used to pay the handling fee on the Mars trading platform and get attractive discounts from it. The exchange will also cooperate with other companies one after another to make MC tokens the exclusive payment method and increase the application function of MC tokens day by day.

Mars Coin will be used as a handling fee for a series of financial services. Users can also pledge mainstream digital cash to obtain MC tokens.

CNYT is a brand-new mainstream stable currency, which will provide all users with more stable circulation.

Circulation mechanism