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The Chairman of the Pearl Summit Yang Bin promised to complete the ultimate mission of life, that is, to join hands with the Pearl Summit to create [Mars Energy] MSC is a consensus platform that establishes a community, promotes the digital economy, leads and educates the world, and establishes an international population. And [Mars cloud storage mCloud], the msc platform is a global human flow data storage consensus plan based on the Mars energy platform msc, dedicated to creating a data age 2.0, and a global consensus on human flow.

Mars Cloud Storage mcloud is a distributed network transmission system that aims to create a persistent storage of the world's people's data, and is also a content confidentiality peer-to-peer super network distribution protocol. The nodes in the mcloud network will form a distributed flow data storage system, diverting all individual data into one entity. Simply put, mcloud is similar to the World Wide Web, and can also be regarded as an independent Bittorrenti group, stored in the same Git repository. In other words, mcloud provides a high-throughput, storage-by-flow block storage model, which is hyperlinked with related content to form a generalized database

Mars Coin (MC) is the exclusive asset of Mars Energy. Based on the ERC-20 standard, it is a value token that maintains the stability of the entire ecosystem. It can not only be used as an asset to support all operations in the ecology, but also as a mining revenue to promote the overall development of the digital economy. Mars Energy makes a heavy strike, using cloud storage traffic data to promote and support the overall ecology, and then use the capital effect generated by MC tokens for project investment, fully supporting the investment in the spacex Mars migration plan. The landing plan of its platform and the service of digital banking have also entered the service of participants in the new digital economy, such as Mars Digital Bank, Mars Club, Mars Mall and Mars Capital, opening up the digital economy for the world. The MC token will be the only token in the entire Mars energy ecosystem.

The core of the Mars energy platform is to use the powerful advantages of the blockchain to cash out the flow, divert the global human flow data unity, and then solve the chaos of the currency circle. The platform has also created a herd effect, established a global consensus, and is committed to allowing all traffic contributors to reap considerable profits, in order to open a window for everyone to contact the digital economy consensus. The unprecedented value of MC tokens can be exchanged for Tesla's equity TSLA in the future to achieve free access to the equity capital market.

The Mars cloud storage plan has now officially set sail. It is open to people from all over the world to submit KYC applications to start mining tokens, gather everyone’s data, and then capitalize them. All people will share MC, mutual assistance and mutual benefit, and achieve the value of MC tokens and encourage immeasurable encouragement. In order to attract the help of the secondary market, it will truly realize the co-creation and sharing of value and create a globally recognized new economy.

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