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Mars Energy and the Chinese Academy of Sciences formally reached a strategic cooperation(图1)

On May 18, 2021, Beijing time, Mars Energy officially reached a strategic cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The Chinese Academy of Sciences (English name: Chinese Academy of Sciences, referred to as the Chinese Academy of Sciences) was established in November 1949. It is the highest academic institution of natural sciences in China, science and technology The highest consulting institution, the center for comprehensive research and development of natural science and high technology. This strategic cooperation aims to innovate global blockchain cloud storage technology, jointly explore the landing of Mars, and create a new era of global Mars cloud storage.

Recently, "Tianwen-1" landed on Mars, which was marked as a historical feat. According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mars is regarded as the most potential place for human migration and access to space resources. Musk’s SpaceX plan once proposed to send humans to Mars in 2024 and establish a self-maintaining humanity by 2050. Colonial city. The strategic cooperation with Mars Energy will accelerate the speed of research and development on Mars.

Mars Energy is a comprehensive ecosystem created by the Pearl Summit, an international consensus organization, committed to using blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, big data and 5G to shape and improve the digital economy, and will create the economic pillar and foundation of the future Mars colony facility. The platform will cash in on traffic and divert the global human traffic data unity. Through the establishment of a global consensus, it is committed to allowing all traffic contributors to obtain considerable profits and open a window for everyone to contact the consensus of the digital economy.

The cooperation between Mars Energy and the Institute of Strategic Studies of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is an important opportunity for both. The two parties will join forces to reach a higher height in the process of human exploration of space. This is also a step for Mars Energy to move towards a new technological era. Mars Energy will continue to contribute to the field of blockchain and space exploration.