Introduction to Mars Energy

The Mars Energy platform will unite the world's data under its wings to
establish global consensus. it strives to reward all contributors considerablely,
and create a path for everyone to interact with the new digital economy.


Gathering all veterans within the crypto markets to jointly build the Mars Energy platform and a new economic system.
The Group will utilize Mars Energy to create more opportunities for newbies to enter the cryptocurrency markets,
and develop a series of blockchain applications that can serve a global userbase.


To integrate traditional finance with the digital economy through the development of the Mars Energy ecosystem,
thereby building up Mars Coin into a mainstream asset within the new economic system.


Creating a perfect digital ecosystem
Integrating the flow of data within the cryptocurrency markets
Create the first digital asset that can seamlessly connect between the crypto markets and the stock market.
Create new stablecoins not affected by the trend of legal tenders.


Michael Murray

  • President of mCloud Operations
  • Mr. Michael has more than 30 years of experience in the financial field, and knows all about the operation of a variety of financial products, such as stock market, futures, mutual funds, financial analysis, forex and other products.

    He has also served as a financial analyst for many enterprises in Europe and America. Michael was one of the earliest entrant into the blockchain field, and is widely lauded as an expert within the blockchain field. At present, he is the honorary consultant of 4 international financial institutions, the president of 2 listed companies and the technical consultant of 3 blockchain institutions. He is a veteran of the blockchain industry and Musk's strategic consultant.

Associating All Members to be Powerful

Everest Association

Introduction to Everest Association

Integrate the comprehensive resources of international prominent figures,
venture capitals, enterprises, etc., to lead the masses to work together to promote
the development of the digital economy


international consensus organization

Pearl Summit Everest Association is an international consensus organization co-founded by the top and richest people in many countries such as the UAE Royal Family, the Buffett family, the Japanese Koizumi family, the South Korean Samsung family, some Chinese super-rich and powerful people.


Global Heavyweight Rich Alliance

Everest Association, composed of the world's elites, will integrate the comprehensive resources of international prominent figures, venture capitals, enterprises, etc., to promote the development of the digital economy with its resources and network. The association will use the advantages of blockchain technology to serve the public in a multi-faceted digital asset service sector, and open a new window for the world.


the most authoritative Bitcoin consensus organization

Everest Association, the most authoritative Bitcoin consensus organization, is now officially launched. With the help of industry experts, the organization will lead the Mars Energy platform to jointly help build a new economic system with Mars Coin. Their skills, network and financial resources will make Everest Association the most influential organization in the 21st century, and win a powerful place in the world digital economy.